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Stormhold Seven

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A community dedicated to the character of Prince Septimus in Neil Gaiman's Stardust

Welcome to Stormhold Seven, a community dedicated to the deliciously ruthless Prince Septimus from the film and book versions of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. We encourage all types of posts relating to the character: discussion, fanart and fanfiction, general squeeing, pictures and screencaps, icons and graphics, videos, and any other form of appreciation and creativity. While we welcome a wide variety of artistic expression and topics for discussion, we recognize that everyone’s tastes differ. As such, there a few basic community guidelines to help make this an enjoyable space for all Septimus fans.

Have fun and play nicely. We’re all here to share in the Septimus appreciation, so please be courteous toward other posters. Multiple viewpoints are encouraged, but ensure that your comments contribute to the discussion in a respectful and constructive manner. Trolls, flaming, and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Please use an lj-cut in the following circumstances:
--when posting large (over 500px) or multiple (over three) images (If posting multiple icons, a few previews before the cut would be nice, but not necessary)
--when posting lengthy text entries or fanfics (A drabble, for example, would not require an lj-cut)
--when posting anything with adult content or content which others may find disturbing or objectionable (see below for more information)

Adult content: When posting anything which contains adult content (e.g. frank depictions of sexuality or excessive violence), or which may otherwise be inappropriate for work or school, be sure to lj-cut your post and label it as such.

Warnings for potentially disturbing content: If your post includes anything which people might find disturbing, upsetting or squicky (e.g. incest, torture, non-con, etc), place it behind an lj–cut and clearly label it with the applicable warning.

Fanfiction and Fanart: In addition to the general guidelines for posting images and text, please include a standard header which includes the following:
  Character(s) and/or pairing(s),
  Any applicable warnings
  A brief summary or description.

(Feel free to include more information if you wish)

In terms of both fanfiction and fanart, slash, gen and het, of any rating, genre or length, are all welcomed, provided they feature Septimus in some way.

Focus on the character: This community focuses on the character of Septimus as portrayed in both the film and the movie. While posts and discussion about Septimus’ actor, Mark Strong, are welcome, please be respectful of Mr. Strong’s private life. As such, RPF/RPS are not allowed.

Promotion of other communities or sites is allowed, provided they are related to Stardust in some fashion.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact mererid or pinepie.

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Thank you to pinepie for the gorgeous Stormhold Seven banner and icon.