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pinepie in stormholdseven

Prompt 2: Objective

 Title: Objective
Author: Pinepie
Characters: Septimus, the King
Rating: PG
Length: 733 words


“Father has requested your presence in his chambers,” Primus proclaimed, leaving Septimus’ room as swiftly as he had entered it. Septimus dropped the small sword his father had given him on his tenth birthday, barely a week ago. He wondered why his father wished to see him again, as he was not used to seeing his father that often.

Slowly, Septimus made his way to his father’s chambers, wondering what he had done wrong. Septimus sighed as he knocked on the large and heavily ornamented doors. One of the guards opened the door and let the young prince in. “Septimus? Over here.’’ Getting more nervous with every step, the boy walked towards the king who sat besides the fireplace. “Please sit down, son. There is something we need to discuss.” Still too afraid to say a word, Septimus obeyed his father and sat down at his feet. As he caught sight of his father’s face, he noticed he did not look angry. It took several moments for Septimus to realize that his father looked sad more than anything else.

“Septimus, as you are no longer a small boy, it is important to discuss the matter of succession.” “B-but father, you’re still alive!” Septius exclaimed. The king smiled, yet the traces of sadness did not leave his face. “I know Septimus, and I am not planning on dying anytime soon. However, one day I will die and a Prince of Stormhold will have to become the new King. As you may have noticed, Septimus, there are currently seven princes of Stormhold. And only one of them can become the new King.” Septimus nodded in agreement, not understanding why his father brought this up. He knew all of this already. “And that is the challenge. Somehow, you and your brothers will have to –“ The King hesistated . “Well, you and your brothers will have to ensure that only one of you is left when the time comes to crown a new King.”

Septimus looked at his father, not sure what he had meant. “So.. do we have to move away from the Palace? I could go and find Una, I don’t have to be King!” he added. “I’m afraid it is not that easy, Septimus. You cannot give up your rights to the throne. Remember the sword I gave you? You have to learn how to use it if you want to stand a chance of becoming King of Stormhold.” A look of apprehension drew on Septimus’ face. “We have to fight each other? Will there be some sort of tournament?” The king bent towards his youngest son and looked straight into the boy’s green eyes.

“There will be no tournament Septimus, not an official. I suppose you could classify the rest of your life as a tournament. You will have to pay close attention to your brothers at all times if you want to survive. And it is far better not to have to wait for them to strike, but to strike first.” Septimus suddenly felt sick and would have given anything to leave his father, yet he had to know. “You mean.. I have to kill my brothers, or wait for them to kill me.” His father simply nodded, and added “You are far quicker to understand than any of your brothers. I would advise you to retreat to your chambers, and spent most of your time there for a while. Your brothers are now free to attack you, now that you know, and might regard you as an easy target. Practice your sword fighting and be vigilant, it might help you to get through the first few weeks.”

The boy, who had never felt older, got up and made his way to the doors, frightened and in shock. The lesson he had just learned still had to sink in, and yet it felt like it was something he had carried inside him all along. He suddenly remembered the strange looks his brothers had sometimes given him, and how protecting his sister had been. One of the guards opened the doors for Septimus and he walked into the hallway. Just before the doors closed behind him, his father called out. “Oh and Septimus, if I may give you one hint.. If you feel that you cannot yet take your brothers in combat, a little poison might do the trick.”


I did kind of get the impression they might understand one another quite well in the film. As for the book, i've only read it once, so i expect you're right!