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pinepie in stormholdseven

Drabble Prompts

 To try and trigger any creativity still left in me, I decided to try and write short drabbles with the help of prompts. The complete prompt table I choose has 30 prompts and I'll do my best to come up with a drabble for each, but I'm not guaranteeing anything ;)

Title: Cleansed
Author: Pinepie
Characters: Septimus
Rating: PG

The sensation of weightlessness, of his body floating in the warm water, almost made Septimus forget. Only when part of his body made contact with the side of the tub did he remember his surroundings and the circumstances he found himself in. Taking a deep breath he immersed his head into the water and tried to stay under for as long as possible, drowning out the sounds of panic now spreading through the palace, concentrating on the sound of his own heartbeat.

He knew they would have found him by now. It would be no use to stay in the bath any longer; Septimus had to get out to claim the kill. Rising from the tub, he reached for a towel and rubbed himself dry. He wanted to remove the remains of the poison that might still be clinging to his body. Septimus quickly dressed himself as he heard more footsteps rushing in the direction of Quintus’ chambers. As he left the bathroom, Septimus’ body was free from traces of fratricide, though he knew his soul had been irreversibly tainted.


that is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing. I love revisiting this character & the book & film. xo