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jps398 in stormholdseven

Anyone here?

I'm beginning to wonder if this community has been abandoned!!! Please comment!! I really love this community (though I'm much more of a listener than a fanfiction writer) but I'll chip in my two cents if it means everyone else will!! Just think bout it.


I wouldn't say abandoned--dormant perhaps? I'd be thrilled to see this community become active again, but unfortunately offline commitments have kept me from dedicating time and attention to increasing interest and participation. Would you (or anyone else reading this) be interested in taking over maintenance of the community and breathing some fresh life into it? If not, what sort of things would you like to see more of here?
Well... I don't really know how to manage a community... If you could give me some pointers I would definetly assume responsibilty. I mean if no one else was interested. I've been thinking about new fics for a long long time!! I just need some help. I' m working on one now but it has all of the princes in it. If we could message each other maybe, I would definetly need some ideas and pointers. ( If anyone's interested in helping me out)
So, are you specifically looking for help with a fic you wish to write? I'm not a fiction writer at all, so I'm afraid I'm not the best person to help you with that. :( I'll send you a message anyways and see if I can be of any help.

Great icon, by the way. :D
Hmm, it's not letting me send you a message. Email me at morrowbright(at)cox(dot)net.
thank you!! I saw the pic and I was like I know just what to make them say!! lol so anyways, yeah, I would really like some help. I'm not much of a writer either, so I could give my ideas and help anyone who wants to take over.. There are some really good writers in this community and I think it would be fun to see where they took it. But I could write some fics of my own, but I might make them ramble a bit more. I sorta have a spaghetti brain.. :)
Am here.
Another watcher-no-poster.

Ya know what would be cool, and I think would breath some life into this place, is if we all got together for a watch-a-long. Anybody interested?
That sounds like a really fun idea, and zara_capeverde and ecoknight both expressed interest as well. I've been meaning to make a post about it, but I've been crazy busy. Feel free to post an entry about it, if you wish. :D
I'm still here, just busy with RL, and yes, we should totally do a watch-a-long, that would be fun.
Er, what's a watch along?

(Still popping in occasionally in the hope that someone might have said something, as you see...)

Zara, where is 'From the Sea' chapter 1? :D
haaha I knew you'd bring that up.

(I think a watch along is where we all watch the movie at a designated time and chat together?)
Ah right. Will you be getting up really early in the morning or will some of us be staying up late? ;D



it hasn`t been abandoned, im here!!
I love Septimus too, thanks.
kisses from Nicaragua.
I mean, I'll post but I really really need some fresh ideas.... I have like two hundred written out on paper but I can't find an end to them... If anyone could help me out that would be awesome!
Hi all, I'm still here...and I have no intention of abandoning neither this community, nor our Sep! :) I began to write a fic some times ago, but then I'm sotty to admit that I was too busy to carry it on...and most of all I run over with ideas!
Anyway, fresh ideas and new posts are always welcomed :) :)

I've been a terrible mod the past... 2,5 years I guess. It's probably not a good idea to start a community right before starting your bachelor studies :/

Anyway, I got my diploma about a month ago, and consequently re-discovered my livejournal account due to the ridiculous amount of free time I have right now. I'm planning on making a Stormhold brothers tribute video (with a heavy focus on Septimus, of course) and on finally finishing, or at least adding another chapter, to the Septimus fic I started writing ages ago.

So.. basically, I'm back :) If anyone has any specific requests/questions/whatever, let me know!