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trinsghost999 in stormholdseven

Question regarding the soundtrack (tying in to a specific scene)

Hi everyone -

For those who have the soundtrack, have you found the specific track that ties to the following scene:

-Septimus throws the soothsayer's runes into the air after dispatching the old man with his dagger.
- The visual changes the runes from Septimus' to Lamia's, and she catches her black set in her gloved hands, reading them for her next clues to the star's whereabouts.
- The camera shows Lamia turning around in vast scenery (grass covered cliffs, hills) and walking back to her cart and goats.

I'm familiar with the Septimus track (the strongest, mho in the entire soundtrack), but it doesn't seem to have that part within it.  I recall the scene in the movie is around 20 to 30 seconds in length, and wonder if the composer and production company decided to cut it (I hope that isn't the case).


I apologise beforehand for the awfully late and probably not very helpful comment.. but I've been wondering the exact same thing for a while now.

I'm afraid you're right in thinking that that particular piece of music is not included on the soundtrack, which is a real shame. I agree that the Septimus track is probably the best on the whole soundtrack and this piece seems to be a variation on the Septimus theme.. It would've been great if they'd made the Septimus track a bit longer by including it.