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trinsghost999 in stormholdseven

Question regarding the Stardust Visual Companion book

To those who also have the book, I was wondering if I missed a specific part in it talking about the "zombie swordfight".  That seemed to me to be a pivotal scene in the movie, and one of the most interesting fight scenes I've ever seen.  It would have been great to hear tidbits from the cast and crew about that.  I know...there's a teensy bit of discussion in the extras on the dvd, but it'd be nice to see it in the Visual Companion book too.

And did anyone else find themselves checking their chins for drool (when gazing at certain pictures)?  :)
I tell yah, they could have done an entire VC about Septimus and I would have bought it.  He's an intriguing character, and rather easy on the eyes, to boot.