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trinsghost999 in stormholdseven

Hello from a new member!

Hi folks -

I am literally kicking myself for not catching on to the Septimus (and Stronghold Seven / Stardust) bandwagon until recently.  I saw Stardust in 2007 and thought to myself "who is that handsome, devious man attempting to thwart Tristan and Lamia for the star?", but after that I sadly did not see the movie again, nor rent it (bad form, I know).  Fast forward to last year (2009), and Stardust had shown up on cable (HBO or The Movie Channel, I forget which).  I did watch it a few times, though I paid more attention to Nathanial Parker's rather small part in the movie (he played Edward Gracey in The Haunted Mansion -- probably the only actor to redeem that ill-fated flick).  I did notice Mark Strong / Septimus again in the film, and yes...I swooned, but let's fast forward to last week.  More specifically, New Year's Eve.  I shared dinner and a movie with a best friend, and we saw Sherlock Holmes.  I was initially hesitant to see the movie, since a great many purists had already shunned it out of sheer stubbornness (mho).  But, I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline, thought everyone in their roles had done very well, and noticed a certain man had caught my attention, again. *ahem*(Lord Blackwood)

Thank the Gods, this time I did a Google search on him to connect the dots.  After a few searches on Stardust related sites, I found my way here.  Despite the slower behavior of the group as of late, I think it'll pick up, if we (old and new posters) chat, get creative with the fanfic/pictures/fan videos and whatever else can be thought up.  I am thrilled with what I've found here so far.

**I should note that within the past few days, timing proved fortuitous for my Septimus fix.  Stardust is back on The Movie Channel!  I've recorded the movie, and am also patiently awaiting the dvd in the mail.  All I do now is grin when I think of this movie and my favorite of the Princes.

I feel like a silly fangirl sometimes because of the occasional interest in an actor or character, but damnit, this one is soo worth it. :)


Welcome to the comm!

I like this idea. :]
Welcome! Nice to see a post here!
Hello and welcome! Your post has inspired me to dig out my Stardust DVD and watch it again :)
Thanks for the warm welcomes! In talk about timing...yesterday I got Stardust (dvd) in the mail, along with the visual companion book. I skimmed through the book first, and have a question or two that I'll post separately. But man oh man, I was soo happy to have the dvd. The extras were fantastic, and it was wonderful seeing the movie and having it paired with my home's surround sound. And...I loved being able to venture back to my favorite parts. If my dvd only had some sort of pan and scan feature...I'd love to zero in on Septimus and his outfit, or some of the scenes with his brothers. :)


Welcome!! It's always great to see that this community is not dead...sleeping maybe but never dead :)
Welcome again :)