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Aug. 9th, 2010


Prompt 2: Objective

 Title: Objective
Author: Pinepie
Characters: Septimus, the King
Rating: PG
Length: 733 words

“Please sit down, son. There is something we need to discuss.”Collapse )

Aug. 3rd, 2010


Drabble Prompts

 To try and trigger any creativity still left in me, I decided to try and write short drabbles with the help of prompts. The complete prompt table I choose has 30 prompts and I'll do my best to come up with a drabble for each, but I'm not guaranteeing anything ;)

Title: Cleansed
Author: Pinepie
Characters: Septimus
Rating: PG

On to the first drabble..Collapse )

Aug. 1st, 2010


Septimus' Triolet

As you might know, Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess also published "A Fall of Stardust" in 1999, a sort of Stardust add-on including some short stories, poems and many illustrations by various artists. 

One particularly interesting entry (at least for us Septimus fans) is the following. Hope you'll enjoy it!


Apr. 26th, 2010


Anyone here?

I'm beginning to wonder if this community has been abandoned!!! Please comment!! I really love this community (though I'm much more of a listener than a fanfiction writer) but I'll chip in my two cents if it means everyone else will!! Just think bout it.

Jan. 8th, 2010



Stardust filming locations - Even been to one?

I'm curious amongst the group's posters, how many of you all have been near or to one of the locations used in the Stardust film?  I think that would make an excellent topic for discussion, and have my own little story to tell.

I read in the Stardust: Visual Companion book that they filmed in various locations from April to September 2006, and one of the areas they filmed in was (the Isle of) Skye in Scotland.  Well as luck would have it, I ended up taking my second trip to Scotland with friends in August of 2007.  We went all over the place - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, Pitlochery, etc.  The part of the trip I looked forward to was a side trip for a small group of us to the Isle of Skye. 

I recall we drove through a set of mountains called the Five Sisters of Kintail (very majestic - like the sweeping visuals you see in the film) and then visited a castle called Eilean Donan just prior to getting to the Isle (what a wonderful castle - I hear it was used in Highlander and I can see why).  Upon arriving in Skye we stayed at a town called Portree, and ended up in several bed and breakfast's and inns (some of us sharing beds, which was hilarious).  The center of town was very rustic looking, with several roads lined up and down the coast with restaurants, stores selling knick knacks, pubs, etc.  I only ventured in to a restaurant with a friend to eat and a small grocery store (kept a folding spork I got with some fruit from there - yes, I am a dork), and kept to my B&B and landscape when I was in town. 

When we headed out in our little tour group, we went to a lot of different areas over three days.  Dunvegan Castle, where the ancient ancestral seat of the Clan McLeod is located, along with Quirang mountain pass, which I believe is where some of Stardust's scenes were filmed.  (Google Quirang, and I think you'll see why.)

Unfortunately my memory is fuzzy when trying to remember other specific locations we went to, but what I can tell you all is that the Isle itself is quite windy and the temperature a little on the cool side (50 degrees Farenheit at the time, with a bit of fog in the morning), so we had to hunker down in coats and hats during a few of our excursions.  But despite that we had a great time, and were in awe of our surroundings.  So much in the way of lush, green hillsides, mountains and cliffs (including Kilt Rock), tons of heather dotting the landscape, and sheep all over the place.  I personally felt like I had stepped into a storybook, and wondered if/when we would turn a corner and see a giant, fairy or some other sort of fantasy creature.

If I can remember more about my trip and track down some of my group's pictures, I'll post a link to them here.  We had a really great time.  And despite me being a little under the weather, I still enjoyed the trip.  We only had a few days there, and I'm thinking sometime in the future I'll take another trip only to Skye to check out all the wonderful towns and views.

My thoughts tying in to Stardust are this - knowing what I know now (that part of it was filmed in Skye), I feel like I got to visit a part of "Stormhold", where the quest was on to find the jewel (Power of Stormhold) and star.  I pinch myself knowing that I've been to areas that the cast and crew ventured to, albeit a short while after them.


Question regarding the soundtrack (tying in to a specific scene)

Hi everyone -

For those who have the soundtrack, have you found the specific track that ties to the following scene:

-Septimus throws the soothsayer's runes into the air after dispatching the old man with his dagger.
- The visual changes the runes from Septimus' to Lamia's, and she catches her black set in her gloved hands, reading them for her next clues to the star's whereabouts.
- The camera shows Lamia turning around in vast scenery (grass covered cliffs, hills) and walking back to her cart and goats.

I'm familiar with the Septimus track (the strongest, mho in the entire soundtrack), but it doesn't seem to have that part within it.  I recall the scene in the movie is around 20 to 30 seconds in length, and wonder if the composer and production company decided to cut it (I hope that isn't the case).


Question regarding the Stardust Visual Companion book

To those who also have the book, I was wondering if I missed a specific part in it talking about the "zombie swordfight".  That seemed to me to be a pivotal scene in the movie, and one of the most interesting fight scenes I've ever seen.  It would have been great to hear tidbits from the cast and crew about that.  I know...there's a teensy bit of discussion in the extras on the dvd, but it'd be nice to see it in the Visual Companion book too.

And did anyone else find themselves checking their chins for drool (when gazing at certain pictures)?  :)
I tell yah, they could have done an entire VC about Septimus and I would have bought it.  He's an intriguing character, and rather easy on the eyes, to boot.

Jan. 5th, 2010



Hello from a new member!

Hi folks -

I am literally kicking myself for not catching on to the Septimus (and Stronghold Seven / Stardust) bandwagon until recently.  I saw Stardust in 2007 and thought to myself "who is that handsome, devious man attempting to thwart Tristan and Lamia for the star?", but after that I sadly did not see the movie again, nor rent it (bad form, I know).  Fast forward to last year (2009), and Stardust had shown up on cable (HBO or The Movie Channel, I forget which).  I did watch it a few times, though I paid more attention to Nathanial Parker's rather small part in the movie (he played Edward Gracey in The Haunted Mansion -- probably the only actor to redeem that ill-fated flick).  I did notice Mark Strong / Septimus again in the film, and yes...I swooned, but let's fast forward to last week.  More specifically, New Year's Eve.  I shared dinner and a movie with a best friend, and we saw Sherlock Holmes.  I was initially hesitant to see the movie, since a great many purists had already shunned it out of sheer stubbornness (mho).  But, I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline, thought everyone in their roles had done very well, and noticed a certain man had caught my attention, again. *ahem*(Lord Blackwood)

Thank the Gods, this time I did a Google search on him to connect the dots.  After a few searches on Stardust related sites, I found my way here.  Despite the slower behavior of the group as of late, I think it'll pick up, if we (old and new posters) chat, get creative with the fanfic/pictures/fan videos and whatever else can be thought up.  I am thrilled with what I've found here so far.

**I should note that within the past few days, timing proved fortuitous for my Septimus fix.  Stardust is back on The Movie Channel!  I've recorded the movie, and am also patiently awaiting the dvd in the mail.  All I do now is grin when I think of this movie and my favorite of the Princes.

I feel like a silly fangirl sometimes because of the occasional interest in an actor or character, but damnit, this one is soo worth it. :)

Jun. 26th, 2009


Septimus StarDust!

Hi *waves madly*

So cool to have found a group dedicated to Septimus!!!  I've many fics planned o the dark & dashing prince who captured, stole and ran off with my heart ;) Since I discovered StarDust... My first thoughts were ... HE'S GORGEOUS!!!  At first he resembled a young Professor Snape to me ;) ... But then he had his own flare and style... Ahh Septimus ... - you know Severus also means Seven/Seventh.  A girl at my video store actually dumped Snape for him, LOL! ;D

I'm new to LJ, so this is my first post to the group, and am still getting used to it :)  the last group I posed to,  the lj-cut thingy wouldn't work... gack..

Anyhow, I'd also like to announce my own Septimus group, (the more the merrier I say), here ...


We have some interesting posts, so far, only started a few months ago and only have 3 members so far, we need more Septimus Appreciation! :D   (We also discuss Mark Strong and his work, although no Real life fics)  I've heaps of Sep pics Ive capped (not much Sep stuff out three, tragically)  and made some funny manips too.

Does anyone know how to record sound files from movies?  Or where there's Sep sound files to download?

I'll also be posting more here too, when I can get the lj thingy tobe nice to me ;)  I've just started writing my first Sep fic, gack, need more time to write :)  My many fandom fanfic drawer is bulging to the ground (Septimus demands his fics written first of course! ;)

Gives a new meaning to tall, Dark & Handsome, doesn't he ;) ....  The Prince who won't behave ;)


lol Seawave

Dec. 30th, 2008


(no subject)

Hi everyone!
I've just drawn a little sketch of our Sep...the superhigh-tech instruments I used are a pen, a piece of paper and a very old scanner, so the quality of the drawing may not be exactly perfect! XD
The prince looks more like a manga than I intended, but the too many years of my youth spent reading sailor moon have left deep traces! XD
Well, I hope you enjoy it!

By the way...merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!!!!

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